What is Lovefied

Lovefied is a respectful Online Memorial Website that honours and celebrates the personal life story of a departed loved one.

Keep the memories alive by creating personalised pages for your loved ones. It also helps all those affected by the loss to come together, share messages of support and remembrance, memories & support each other.

Here is how it works


  • Choose between Ksh10 or 20/day
  • 4 Easy steps setup process
  • Profile lasts for ever*
  • 10 Large Profile Photos*
  • Free Support & Transport Module
  • FREE Memorials, Celebrations and Annivesaries module
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  • Unlimited Reach/Users
  • Less than 4 mins setup
  • Access from anywhere
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    If you are dealing with grief, the process of creating an online memorial can be hugely rewarding and often cathartic. It can be a journey through one of the most unique and powerful experiences you may engage in.


    Missing Persons

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    ahmed darwesh
    Marie Lausch, & Mathias Dymarski
    Lola Salines,
    Elodie Breuil
    Alberto González Garrido
    Mohamed Amine Benmbarek
    Elsa Delplace
    Mathieu Hoche
    François-Xavier Prévost
    Thomas Ayad
    Asta Diakite
    Nohemi Gonzalez
    Nick Alexander
    bony okello(BOKELLO)
    Guillaume B. Decherf
    Valentin Ribet
    Luis Felipe Zschoche Valle
    Aurélie de Peretti
    wangari maathai
    galip Kurdi
    Aylan Kurdi
    Naguib Damji

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